Friday, August 26, 2011


Long hiatus and yeah people i'm still very much alive =))

Just got back from a short vacation at land below the wind~ Sabah.

It is such a wonderful place.....the people, the city, the food, the sea, the mountain etc. I'm falling in love with this place <3

Totally changed my mind that East Malaysia is boring, and i am so wrong.

Took a tone of pictures cuz the place is just too pretty.

Ahh well....missing the sun tanning moment now.....laying on the beach with your mp3, a nice book and also hot hunks beside you. Damn can't wait to go back there another time

Moving again end of this month. It's like i've been moving every once a year in this city. Moving and leaving for good for a period of time. I'm gonna miss this place.

Hugged and bid goodbye. Almost teared.

The student : aww....teacher please don't leave
Me : sorry i have to leave =(
The student : then i stop my piano for a year and continue when you're back!

True to be said as my mom told me this is the reward you get from your hardwork.
Appreciation and love.

I received the best gift EVER from the student's parent who treat me like their sister/daughters always inviting me to their house for dinner.

Whole set of winter clothing + a red packet *suprise inside was a 100NZD note

Was a lil' emo about leaving and letting go but oh well this is what you have to go through in order the gain something else.

This, is what make life interesting.

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