Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Happiness is when I discovered a book that i've purchased 2 years back that i haven't read on the bookshelf =)

I know that most of my friends do not like history but not me
I love history and i'm weird like this ;p

Been purchasing more books recently.

Currently reading - The Last Empress by Anchee Min
Haha...just wonder why am i reading an English book instead of an Chinese one about China's history.

Am also reading the ever popular - Eat, Pray, Love
A book definitely worth reading and i love how the author narrates her stories

Books - Daughter of the Yellow River, 273 days in NewZealand, The Last Empress, Mozart and the Whale

Daughter of the Yellow River is kinda disappointing cuz its like reading a teenager's writting instead of a writer 'writer' book, you get what i mean? Think cuz the writer's from china and hence the simple english terms used.

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