Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hosting via CouchSurfing 1

I've heard so much about couch surfing these days and I finally got to host someone through this program.
Well, before this there's actually few person who asked to couch surf at my place but i'm sorta lazy to layan them so i did not reply their request :P
This time around, finally decided to host someone. Mum was kinda against the idea at the beginning but i went on with it.

Introducing Tommy from Norway. Norway seems so far away from M'sia and basically i know nothing much about this country at all. Learned lotsa interesting knowledge from Tommy.

He quited his job to travel for 1 year. Before Msia he went to
New Zealand, Aussie, Philippines, S'pore and after Msia he'll be heading to Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, South Africa etc. I wished i could travel like him! Well....maybe next year ;P

Brought him to the Lover's Waterfall aka Chamang Waterfall.

Nice shot

It's never safe to swim or play in the water. Heard bout news of people drowning there every year.

The next morning, daddy brought him to his fish farm. Spot all these tiny baby tilapia fish.

Workers trying to gather the fish and move those fishes to another pond ;)

Fuhh.....those muscle!!!!

Passion fruit tree

Weird enough. I don't eat passion fruit despite me liking the smell!

Tommy feeding the fish.

*now i know the JOTUN paint is a product of Norway and its not pronounce as Jotun but Yotun..hehe

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