Thursday, July 08, 2010

This Time Last Year....

.....i'm probably in Korea (can't remember the exact date) being quarantined in Jeju Island.
Korea is so beautiful, someday i'd be back to explore the place!

During the quarantine period they had temperature check few times a day.It really freaks me out cuz ya'know i tend to have higher body temperature sometimes. My name got into the SUSPECTED list few times cuz imma's body's hot ;P

The funny thing is.....I wasn't allowed into Zouk once because of the same reason but thankfully a kind soul (friend) sneaked out some ice cubes for me to cool down mahself. Hahahaa.....paiseh betul!

This time last year, i'm still a uni student, the thing i'm worried bout is that i'm not practising enough.

But this time around i'm working.
It's just weird that majority of my friends are all still studying and you're the only one working.

Haha......should i be contented? Yea probably.
The friend's mum told me yesterday "good lah you, earning money now, XXX (the son, my friend) is still spending money(studying)".
The thing that aunty didn't know is that the amount my dad spent on my studies is probably few times more than her son ;P

Itching to go for vacation now ;(
Might just get a ticket end of the year and fly ;p

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