Thursday, October 22, 2009

The good old days

My life is too boring now....nothing much else to blog about.

So here's the last batch of photos in Korea, not in sequence from Ann's camera.

Sammy's pillow!!! She can't sleep without her pillow so have to bright along...haha

The dithyrambic choir

Ucsi Jeju Choir

They had a suprise bbq party for us on our last day in Jeju!

It was really hot and hong liang was kind enough to hold the umbrella for the ladies ;)

Korean aunty preparing the food! Yumm...

Around 50+ of us in a game!! It was a ice-breaking session for the 2 different choir members and it was mad fun!

An evening after dinner

The swimming pool

Lazy afternoon

On the bus with ann and theresa

Breathtaking scenery

This was what we were there for!

The Blue House!!

Paparazzi shot

The handsome looking police men on bike

Spot this mini motorbike! hahahaaa.....i want one too!

They woke us up at 4.30am and told that we're leaving :(

Last meal at Korea. Lotteria its something like McD but i think it tasted nicer but a bit more expensive around RM15-20++ for a set

Chuying who was in good condition after recovering from H1N1.

Jeju from above

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