Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Big Turning Point of My Life

Last year September I quit my job to travel and to see the world.

Got my working holiday visa in New Zealand. Stayed there for 9 months, doing all sorts of crazy jobs. Traveling around throughout NZ. The craziest days I'd ever had. I had the time of my life there.
NZ will always be my 2nd home after Malaysia.

Bungy at Kawarau Bridge, NZ

 Came home and headed out for a solo backpacking expedition around Thailand and Cambodia for a month.
Met the most wonderful people while I'm traveling.
Daydream at Angkot Wat

Another month of traveling around China. The place where my ancestors were from.
Levitation at Hongluo Temple, Beijing, China

Met bunch of new friends/fellow travelers which you wouldn't know whether you would get to meet them again or even bump into them at the other side of the world someday.

After 1 year plus of traveling, I'm now gonna go back to my working life and yes this is a VERY big turning point of life.

Having a new job at a field which I'm totally new to. I was a piano teacher for 4 years and now I've chosen a different path. Exciting yet nervous to start off.

Till then....for now I would have to set aside my bag pack but I won't give up my RTW dream.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in a brand new world...u r always my wild babe :P

MapleRain said...

thanks anonymous!!!

cynthia said...

im jealous of your trip too! ive never traveled & worked :) xx

MapleRain said...

dear cynthia,

ya it is one of the craziest thing i'd ever do in my life..working in factories and packhouse but so much fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

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